Individualized, Data-driven Plans

At Attentive Behavior Care, our comprehensive assessment of each child is just the beginning. With hard data from a thorough assessment, we craft a custom treatment plan for each child—enhancing adaptive skills, increasing functional abilities, and realizing parents’ goals. And throughout it all, data is meticulously recorded and tracked to maximize each child’s progress and growth.

Comprehensive Treatment Packages

Attentive Behavior Care matches its dedication to each patient with the highest-quality custom treatment plan, which can include: direct treatment hours with qualified behavior technicians, supervision hours with highly trained behavioral health supervisors, parent training hours, coordination of care, and group treatment.

Perfectly Matched Patient-Provider Teams

Attentive Behavior Care uses its exclusive patient-provider matching process across 30 essential domains to ensure that each patient-provider team is a perfect fit.


Attentive Behavior Care provides ongoing training and guidance to parents. We welcome input and feedback regarding your child’s ABA program.

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Attentive Behavior Care will verify your eligibility, benefits and co-pays (if applicable) with your insurance carrier. For more inquires or to check whether or not you are covered, please contact us at 718-650-6540 x129.

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What Can ABA Help My Child Do?

Research has shown that ABA is an effective therapy to help address the following concerns:

Destructive Self-Injurious Behaviors

Social Skills and Pragmatic Language

Toilet Training and Personal Care Skills

Language Acquisition

Academic Concepts

Self-Stimulatory Behaviors

Proud winners of the 2016 Behavioral Health Center of EXCELLENCE Award

We take great pride and joy in the integrity of our organization and effectiveness of the services that we are able to provide. The best reflection of the dedication and caliber of team is our clients’ achievements across behavioral, social, emotional, and academic outcomes.

Kaitlin G. Causin
Clinical Director, MA, BCBA, LBA (NY, MD, MA, AZ)

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"We are proud of what we achieved, but we are even more ambitious"

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